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the "Woo Dog-tor" 

I believe that our dogs can often take on our stress and mirror of our lifestyle choices, so I guide conscious dog moms to create a life in harmony to build deeper bonds by establishing new rituals to balance their energy & connection.

I will teach you how to analyze you and your dogs specific elemental make up to harmonize the energy and unlock your true soul essence pack by using my unique Elemental Lifestyling Method. 

What Is Your Dog's Energy Telling You

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To Understand Your Dog's Energy Types

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One of my main missions to seek out high quality products with natural ingredients. The more we can reduce toxin exposure in nutrition and lifestyle the better our lives will be. Partnering with companies that I have had personal success and can put 100% trust in is crucial to thrive in today's modern world!

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Ranna has a wealth of experience and has a fun and relaxed approach to teaching. I learned all sorts of natural healing approaches to help bring my dog into better balance, including how to use massage and essential oils and TCM. I look forward to continuing my education and learning more with Ranna!

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A new paradigm of dog moms elevating their consciousness to align with their true soul essences and learning to appreciate the diverse gifts of others, to experience pack unity and healing for the collective.

I created The Earthing Den to bring you together with equally passionate dog moms to create a lifestyle through nature that will allow you to master your energy and nurture your body, mind, & spirit. 

With monthly Earthing Circles, Seasonal Guides, and access to Exclusive Workshops. Plus an expanding library on multiple holistic topics. 


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