Hello Friends!

I'm RannaLynn, and for the passed several years, I have been on an emotionally freeing and spiritual journey to create a life that not only may look good on the outside, but is even better on the inside!
I've worked to clear limiting self beliefs and layers of trapped negative emotions and finding what true happiness is all about! Learning how to be more mindful of my actions and how I think about things.

I’ve spent a lot of time in reflection with this question “who am I and what do I really want out of life”?

What I’ve discovered as I peeled back the layers is that I’m a fascinating blend of many things;


~A sometimes overly protective mom/dog mom who only wants the best for her family.


~A multi-passionate, creative, and visionary leader.


~An empowering entrepreneur and a spiritual mentor.

When I stopped trying to label and define myself, I created space to discover all of the interconnected amazing parts of what makes me truly happy and fulfilled.

It is my mission to create a movement of confident dog moms who are so empowered and connected that they are able to live life to their highest potential. Therefore, giving their dogs the best absolute life as well.

OverProject 65.png

Helping dog moms navigate holistic health so they can learn to balance their dog(s) in body, mind, & spirit with confidence. 

Because a stressed dog mom = a stressed dog, and this starts at your end of the leash! Learn how to live a life of balance and on purpose.

A plant based lifestyle change which supports us holistically, working through all layers of our being, to balance the mind, body and soul at a cellular level.

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