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Hello Friends...

As a dog mom myself, I know we all just want the best for our pups.

But the fact is.......in doing what we thought was best, we have created the perfect storm for our dogs to suffer in silence, often living very toxic lives. Physically & Emotionally!

Your dog as your companion takes their job very seriously, to love you, to look after you and to do their best by you. Your dog knows when you’re not happy because they can feel it in your energy field. You go off during the day, picking up heavy emotions such as grief, shame, anger and resentment. You also create these emotions yourself through worry and fear. Your pet wants to help you so they willingly absorb your pain, taking on your emotional baggage, and helping you to feel better. 

Once I discovered the healing and restorative powers of nature with my own dogs, I became madly obsessed!


That's when I KNEW I had to be the voice for all dogs, stand up against the norm, and share this information with the world!

With behavior problems being the #1 reason for owners to surrender their dogs to shelters I know it's time to start educating others on how our own mental stress and anxiety if also effecting our beloved best friends. 

You can start here by downloading my guide

The 10 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed


Coming Soon!

Is your dog stressed or have anxiety?


Does your dog have restricted movement?


Is your dog shy to touch?


Is your dog hyper or energetic?


Is your dog an athlete?

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