We bet you have some questions about the enrolling process…here we will try to address those questions that we receive most often so that when you go to enroll, it is seamless!

1. If I enroll as a Member, does that mean “distributor?”
Young Living’s term for “Independent Distributor” is MEMBER so yes; a MEMBER is an “Independent Distributor” who receives all the perks of wholesale pricing.

2. If I enroll as a Member, does that mean I HAVE to sell oils?
The easy answer is no, but it’s not the best answer! What we find many times is that after using the oils, people naturally end up sharing about Young Living Essential Oils. It happens so naturally that we hardly know we do it! Countless times we are told, “I really want to receive wholesale pricing but I don’t want to sell anything.” Well, we can respect that and we will never, ever push you to share the oils. Should you want to share the oils or host a class or even better, jump in to share the oils to replace part-time or full-time incomes, we can help you there too. Your choice, always!

3. Do I have to sign up for monthly shipments?

It is NOT a requirement to keep your wholesale pricing as long as you meet your yearly minimum. I would HIGHLY encourage you to look at an explanation of the program though. I have saved hundreds of dollars buying the products for our home that I would buy anyway. Plus received LOTS of FREE products! 

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