Your Holistic Pet Partner

If caring for your family in the most natural way possible is important to you, then this includes your pets as well!  Your pets are family, and they deserve the best!  


I’m your partner in holistic pet parenting.  I help the best pet parents to take a more natural, common sense approach to caring for their pets- because a healthy pet is a happy pet! 


Holistic pet care is about caring for the for the "whole" animal - naturally, this means Body, Mind and Spirit. I help my clients ensure that their pets are naturally healthy, paying close attention to optimal nutrition and preventative care. Using naturopathic principles, I create custom wellness strategies that is species appropriate, toxin free, and lifestyle friendly. 


A species appropriate diet is one of the most important aspects of your pets health. I provide education on nutritional status and dietary changes in addition to vitamin and mineral supplementation.


Aromatherapy offers diverse physical and psychological benefits. I only recommend the highest grade of essential oils approved for aromatic, topical and oral supplementation. 


The power of touch is both spiritual and physical. It promotes increased circulation to all the organs and tissues of the body. The Raindrop Therapy combines the science of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage with the application of essential oils, that are applied on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment.


Our everyday environments are often filled with hundreds of chemical toxins that compromise our body's ability to heal itself. The same is even more true for our pets.


Knowing your pet's biological preferences can help you make personalized decisions about the products you buy and use.


Herbs are often used to enhance our body systems. 


Flower Essences promote and support the emotional component and how that relates to the well being of all living things.


ALL services donated to any rescue groups and humane societies. Jeeping For Dogs Poker Run

My goal is to empower you to confidently care for your pet, the natural way. Using naturopathic principles, we will work together to create a wellness strategy that is species appropriate, toxin free, and lifestyle friendly. 

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