Favorite food I could eat everyday


I am most comfortable in 

Yoga Pants & Tank

My BIG dream is to someday

Host a Retreat

Hi there, I'm RannaLynn....

I've always been labeled the "crazy" one no matter what circle I'm running in. So I've come to embrace this quote by Brendon Burchard

"If people don't think you are crazy then you are not yet operating at the edge of your full potential." 

Most days you can catch me playing outside on the back patio with the puppies having a frosty beverage or a cup of tea.

I love serving the world by helping others who feel stuck and yearning for a healthier and more fulfilling life. 

I am mostly known for my passion for animals and people often refer to me as the dog/cat whisperer. 

When I'm not busy helping others, you can always find me doing creative projects, exploring in my jeep, or planning our next adventure.


My celebrity crush

Lenny Kravitz

My guilty pleasure is

Being Creative

Where I feel the most at peace

The  Mountains

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