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What Is An Energy Field

Everything is made of energy, but the energy system in animals and humans, is primarily made up of an energy field.

The energy field is an electromagnetic field that surrounds and supports the body. Dog energy fields are far more expansive than ours – a dog's energy field is approximately 10 times that of a human's. Dogs function from instinct, which is just another word for energy. In addition to their heighten senses of sight, hearing and smell, they sense what is all around them. It is as if they have radar at the edges of their field.

When an energy field is open and flowing, the body is supported to its optimum health capability. When an energy field is blocked or compromised it is more likely to exhibit physical, emotional, or mental distress. Everything including words, actions, and even intentions pass through the energy field. The energy field then collects that data and stores it. The field can also hold energetic baggage from anything in the past, including trauma, injury or disease.

Since dogs have very sensitive energy fields. If they are in an environment, they cannot remove themselves from they will take on that energy, because like energy creates like energy. Whether the environment is positive or negative, the dog will feel that. The vibrations will affect its energy field, and consequently, its body. This became extremely apparent when I began providing house calls for customers, and drove me to learn more.

That is when I found The Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and founder, Carol Komitor. She understands animal (and human) energy at an advanced level. She was a licensed veterinary technician before developing her healing methods, and I immediately enrolled in her course. She believes because animals are so sensitive, that many other modalities can be too forceful, and thereby making the animal uncomfortable and on the defense where their fight of flight kicks in.

I continue to assist dogs through the healing process with energy healing and other modalities. However, many of my patients have shown me that their healing is complete when their human heals. I now explain to my clients that taking care of themselves is one of the most precious gifts they can give to their beloved companions, and it is one of the best forms of preventive medicine available.

Peace, Love & Paws,


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