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Your Dog As A Mirror

Have you ever been told that you look like your dog? Have you ever watched dogs and their owners walking in the park and thought – they walk exactly the same way! As crazy as it seems, if a dog has physical pain, in many cases, the owner will be experiencing the exact same pain. This is not just co-incidence, I VERY often see this in my practice! Too woo-woo for you?

It's actually science, let me explain.... The brain is massively interconnected with the rest of the body. There are direct neural connections via the brain stem and spinal cord. The circulatory and lymphatic systems also carry neurotransmitters (hormones and immune cells) that find receptor sites in the brain which feedback and modulate the links between brain and body. In this way, every cell in the body—every cell—is linked into the nervous system and as such, can be sensed and felt, whether or not we allow ourselves to be aware of this psychobiological fact.

So often times, our physical pain in most cases results from some unresolved emotions we have. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘he is a pain in the neck!’, or, ‘I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.’ Those sayings come from a time when we were aware of how our emotions were affecting us physically.

Dogs mirror the emotions of the person they are with, this is a pack survival trait. Because if you are going out on a hunt with your pack and you have your own vibe going on, you are not going to function well as a team. Your little chihuahua or malti-poo is not required to hunt in the parks of suburbia, but the survival instincts are still hardwired from their ancestors just the same. It is important to have energetic coherence in any team, your emotions will be mirrored by your dog, since you are a team!

Now, if our dogs can pick up on our emotions and in many cases ‘feel’ them like they are their own, then it makes sense that those emotions will manifest physically in a similar way as they do to us. If you are a calm and relaxed person then the chances are your dog will behave the same way. If you just shrug off stress and negative situations, then your dog will do the same. If you are anxious a ‘worst case scenario’ type of person who has a plan for everything to go wrong, then this shows a lack of emotional resilience. Guess what, if this is you – then your dog is too!

The science behind this is quantum entanglement, which is how all energy healing works, even at a distance everything is effected. Then add on top of that, how we share such a strong emotional connection with our dogs, it is only reasonable they absorb and mirror our negative emotions as much as they do our projections of love.

This is just the tip of the "dog-fur" (lol) about this topic, but I hope it gives you a glimpse into how this scenario works with everything between you and your dog, not just physically, but mentally as well.

Food For Thought

So next time your dog has a symptom or reacts a certain way, just take note of how YOU are experiencing or feeling ......maybe even write it down in a journal, you may start to see some patterns!

Peace, Love, & Paws,



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