"My pet Emma (14 year old Lhasa apso) was injured in an accident and lost use of both right legs. She was pitiful. Ranna started giving her massage therapy, and after 3 visits....Emma could walk. It took a while longer to get full use of her back leg. When Ranna comes, Emma is so excited, she literally hurries as fast as she can to the massage area. Ranna is terrific."  Sharon Lee

"Bentley's improvement has been impressive, and he's feeling much better. He stepping out of his crate, wanting to be everywhere his foster family is. He started walking after his second massage. At first he still had to be carried up and down the stairs. Then this week, he walked on his own!" Erica Beresford (Foster Mommy)

Update: Bentley was adopted and the once withdrawn and depressed Bentley is now a little ham! You can follow him on Instagram @bentleybeaubell

"Solow is 13 and has had digestive issues as well as trauma because my life went through changes for a couple years. I could see his demeanor change, he wasn't as playful. Ranna started giving Solow Raindrop therapy and Zyto scans. After his first visit, there was such a change in him and his demeanor. He continues to improve along with his digestive issues. His energy is playful and he's acting like Solow again. When I ask him if he wantsto go see Miss Ranna, he perks up, because he is ready for hos down time and "spa" day."  Patty Salamino

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