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Synergy of Essential Oils

Essential oils can support the four aspects of your animal’s wellness which are: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical (MESP). When your animal presents a challenge recognize it may either be a: longstanding aspect from the past that is surfacing to be resolved; new aspect due to a change in circumstances or surroundings; or reflection of the people or situations around them that they are “mirroring” or trying to “process” emotionally for themselves or others.

Essential oils are one of the few nature’s remedies that can support the four aspects of wellness which are: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. Together they provide “synergy” to the body and mind. This is because we cannot separate ourselves or our dogs into parts – the truth is that we are “whole” beings and therefore require a “whole” solution. That's why having a "whole" istic mindset is the best way to approach any challenge we face.

Lets look at how this pertains to one of my favorite essential oils, Peppermint 🌱

Mental Aspects

✓ Releases resistance to learning new things;

✓ Uplifting to the mind;

✓ Brings clarity, alertness and sharpness; and

✓ Great to use when taking tests, taking on mentally challenging tasks or projects; changing mindset or beginning something new.

Emotional Aspects

✓ Cools “heated” emotions;

✓ Helps the body “process” and assimilate emotionally and mentally;

✓ Assists in letting go (you let go emotionally through breathing);

✓ Releases fear associated with motion which translates into moving forward

✓ Use for people and animals when traveling. Good for releasing patterns of procrastination, fear and/or resistance.

Spiritual Aspects

✓ Cleanses the spiritual auric or electromagnetic field;

✓ Increases spiritual awareness

✓ Opens root, solar plexus, throat and crown chakras.

Physical Aspects

✓ Increases synergy of other oils;

✓ Use last in any layering technique such as Raindrop.

✓ Supports healthy digestive function when taken as a dietary supplement (only if labeled that way)

Most animals have lost access to plants through domestication. Please gift them this ability back through the oils in a safe and thoughtful way by making sure that whatever brand of oils you use, it is safe for your animals. Animals require high vibrational oils without synthetics and additives that are distilled with love and consideration of our animals and planet.


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